Bridgewater Driving School's Prize Wheel.



Applicants registering in person at our office for our (6) hour Behind-The-Wheel Package will be eligible to spin our Prize Wheel. The Prize wheel contains the following prizes:


- $10 Off - $10 will be discounted from registration

- $25 Off - $25 will be discounted from registration

- 2X Spin 2X - wheel can be spun again until it lands on a non 2X spot, the amount spun this second time will be doubled (i.e. $10=$20, $25=$50 and if eligible $50=$100).


the Free spot is not doubled unless it falls under the $50 value (see below for rules on Free spot)


- Free Lesson Spot - The value equal to a (2) two hour lesson ($132) will be deducted from the (6) hour Behind-The-Wheel Package. This Free lesson is offered once per week during the promotion period. After FREE spot is spun the first time, it will be changed to a $50 Off discount for the remainder of the business week and be offered as a FREE Lesson the following Monday.



Rules and Regulations :

- This offer cannot be combined with any other promotions/discounted rates offered by Bridgewater Driving School

- Prize wheel must be spun by applicant or Parent/Guardian and must complete (1) one full rotation for spin to be elibigle

- Prize Wheel must be spun at the time of payment.

- Any attempt to slow/stop wheel after it has begun to spin or physically alter the speed of spin will automatically disqualify spin

- Discount is directly applied to our Six Hour Behind the Wheel Package and is not redemable for cash, in the event of refund or canceled services, the amount returned will be equal to the amount initially paid. (minus any fees)

- Discount cannot be transfered or applied to other applicants fees or services offered by Bridgewater Driving School

- Bridgewater Driving School reserves the right to void/cancel any participation not in compliance with the rules/regulations.