Behind the Wheel Lesson's for 16 yr old applicants

Bridgewater Driving School offers an easy in-office registration process that eliminates unecessary trips to NJMVC. First time applicants complete all the NJMVC state forms at our office, along with a vision screening and written test (if neccessary). We submit your application to the state and have your learner's permit processed and ready when we arrive for your first lesson. This will allow us to start your lesson from home or school in your home town and practice driving in the areas that you are familiar with and will be the most comfortable with. Some Driving Schools will typically start lessons at a NJMVC located in Edison, South Plainfield or Randolph located off major higways and use that lesson time to take the student through permit processing.

Pre-Register now!!

You don't need to be 16yrs old to register. Registering prior to your 16th birthday will allow you to pre-book dates and avoid any wait times we might have

Ready to Sign Up? you'll need:

- Parent/Guardian *If under 18 yrs of age
- Original Birth Certificate OR US Passport OR Green Card *Original Documentation is a NJMVC requirement, they will not accept any photocopies for identification
- Written Test Waiver Card * If completed and issued by a High School Driver Ed teacher
- Social Security Number * to be filled out on the NJMVC state application
- Glasses/Contacts * if needed for required Vision screening
- Any Schedule/Commitments * i.e. work, sports vacation so we can properly schedule


If you have any question regarding documentation, please contact our offce at (908) 864-4084

NJMVC Road Tests

Along with first time driver instruction, Bridgewater Driving School also provides a Road Test Service for students taking a Road Test. The service includes a1hr prep/review lesson the morning of the Exam, and use of a Bridgewater Driving School car for the Road Test with transportation to and from the Exam.Call for further details. 908-864-4084

No NJMVC Visits :

We offer a registration process that eliminates the need for our students to visit the DMV. Some other schools prefer to pick students up at home/school and start out by taking them to a DMV to process the permit right before starting a lesson. We choose not to follow that process for a few reasons. The first is that the DMV's used for student permits are located anywhere from 20 - 30 minutes away, not to mention that you could get there and find out that the wait for a permit is another 30 minutes to an hour depending on how busy they are. You would then need to get in a second line for vision/written testing, providing even more of a delay.

An important question should be how are these driving schools registering all this non-lesson time? Are these driving schools counting this towards the lesson time or separately as it should be? What happens if they pick a student up to go get a permit and the DMV computers are down and not operating? We ask students to first register at our conveniently located Bridgewater office. The DMV does not require 16 yr old drivers to be present for permit processing, only the contracted Driving School.

One-Stop shopping :

When you visit our office, you register in full. This means you complete all neccessary paperwork, complete your vision test, and schedule all of your lessons before you leave . Some schools might mention that they can start you right away and pick you up for a first lesson and do all this on the fly, then when it comes time to schedule the rest of your lessons they are nowhere to be found. We schedule all lessons with the same instructor and fit them around your schedule.